Friday, May 3, 2013

Chase Tactical QRK (Quick Response Kit)

Over the past few months I have been looking for a medical kit that I can keep in the car and grab whenever I head out to the range. With the variety of kits that are currently out there on the market there were quite a few options that caught my eye, yet one of the biggest issues that I kept running into was the price. The average "pocket" medical kit is running around $150 plus shipping costs, while they are all very comprehensive they are still out of the price range that I could afford. (Quick Disclaimer: Make sure to take a first aid course and become properly trained on the uses of the items included in any kit that you decide to get.)

Recently Chase Tactical announced that they would be releasing the QRK (Quick Response Kit), and I was happy to see that the price of the kit was much less than the other "pocket" medical kits out there without sacrificing the quality of the actual kit. At the price point of $98.95 plus $6 for shipping costs the price was within the budget that I had set for myself, and I was happy to see that there were a few items in the kit that I had trained people on when I was instructing Self Aid Buddy Care (SABC) with the California Air National Guard.

After talking with Chase Tactical about the kit a few times I was happy with the construction of the kit and the thought that was put behind each piece of that is included in the kit.

Items Included:
2 Pairs of Nitrate Gloves
1 M.A.T. Tourniquet ( MAT Tourniquet video )
1 Blood Stopper
1 QuickClot 25 gram Sponge
1 Triangular Bandage with 2 Safety Pins
1 Roll Krinkle Gauze
1 Emergency Blanket
2 Sudecon Wipes

When the kit came in earlier this week I was excited to break it down into all of the separate items and reacquaint myself with the uses of each one. While it has been a little over 2 years since I last taught an SABC class I am still very familiar with many of the items in the kit and their uses. After I had opened the bag and set all of the individual components of the kit out I was happy to see that this kit is very well thought out and in the event that something terrible were to happen, this kit would give you the ability to save your life or the life of someone else.

The M.A.T. Tourniquet was one of two items in the kit that I have not seen before. The first aid kits that I used for training in the Air Force were C.A.T. (Combat Application Tourniquet) which is a very light and small piece for the kits, but is not as advanced as the M.A.T. (Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet) which seems to be much easier to use one handed. You can see how the M.A.T. is applied in this video.

The Sudecon Wipes were the other item in the kit that I have not had any experience or training with, but after doing a little research on them I thought that they were a great addition to the overall kit. Sudecon wipes are used to neutralize pepper spray and tear gas in the event that you do not have running water available, the reason that the kit comes with 2 wipes is because the process of using them generally requires that you use both for the decontamination process. With the uncertainty of what accidents or attacks could possibly happen in today's world I feel that these are just another great item to have in your kit.

There are a few items that I will be personally adding to my QRK that I feel will just further the effectiveness of the overall kit. The first will be a good set of Medical Shears to help cut away clothing that could possibly get in the way of a wound, and also to cut strips of clothing to be used for slings or splints. The second will be a pack of Oral IV to help replenish electrolytes and aid in hydration in a stressful situation where being alert is very important.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the QRK that Chase Tactical has put together, even though there are a few items that I will be adding out of my own personal preference, it is a great emergency kit that with the proper training could possibly save your life or the life of someone else. I highly recommend checking out their Facebook page Chase Tactical, and if you are interested in getting this kit contacting them to get on the pre-order for it.

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