Monday, June 10, 2013

Bersa BP9CC Pre Range Thoughts

I recently picked up the Bersa BP9CC (Bersa Polymer 9MM Concealed Carry). I had been watching BP9CC since last year when I first learned about it. As I do with all firearms products, I wanted to wait a little while for Bersa to work out any quirks with the first round of production. 

Before I begin, I’d like to add that I think Bersa may have turned over a new leaf and this fine weapon is an example of their improvements. So before you say, "Ugh it's a Bersa, I would rather stick with XXXX brand before I bought a Bersa”, please do avoid judging the BP9CC before you finish reading.

The BP9CC is a single stack polymer handgun with an 8+1 magazine capacity. When fully loaded with 9 rounds of 115gr Hornady Z-Max 9mm it weighs in at a very light 24.84 ounces. The grip is 0.94" wide - which is very thin - yet it is still long enough (4.8") that it handles very well. Unlike other compact light weight handguns, your pinkie finger will not uncomfortably hang off the end of the BP9CC. 

The BP9CC’s total length is 6.35" with a 3.3" barrel. The gun’s small size makes it extremely easy to conceal in the appendix carry position. I have found it to almost disappear when I have it in the DeSantis Soft Tuck holster, regardless of the position that I am carrying it. 

The sights are very easy to acquire because the front sight's dot is much larger than the dots on the rear. Making the sights one of the things that I really like about the gun.

There are a few interesting features on the gun that I wasn't sure if I would like. One feature is the lack of a safety. Having owned and carried the Glock and M&P I was perfectly fine with this.

Additionally, when you look at the trigger you will notice something that is different. The trigger rocks backwards like a hinge before it engages to fire. It makes for a slightly longer trigger pull, but once it breaks it is extremely smooth and somewhere around 3.5 and 4 pounds. 

The amount that you have to move the trigger forward for your next shot is so minimal it is surprising, and the tactile feedback that you get once the trigger resets is impressive.

Next is the slide safety. There is a spot where you use the provided "key" to lock the slide so it will not move. This is a little weird, but I have come to the conclusion that it is not that big of a deal. It is definitely not a deal breaker.

Third is the magazine disconnect, it's inconvenient that you cannot fire the gun if the mag is out; however there is one advantage to this feature. If you were ever in a situation where you were forced to give up your firearm you could release the magazine, effectively rendering the gun inoperable. This feature could potentially give you enough the chance to pull a secondary weapon and use it to defend yourself.

Overall I am looking forward to getting some time out at the range with the BP9CC. I am planning on running a few hundred rounds of various weights through it on the first trip out. Keep an eye out for the upcoming after range update!

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