Monday, June 10, 2013

The First 200 Rounds Bersa BP9CC

A few weeks ago I was able to hit the range with the Bersa BP9CC, and the initial impressions I had of the pistol changed a bit after taking it out and running 200 rounds through it.

First off, the fact that the trigger has no sort of safety mechanism really urks me now, with the trigger being as light as it is there is no possible way that I would really feel comfortable carrying the pistol with one in the chamber like I have done with all of my other handguns. There literally is no stopping the trigger from going back if it gets snagged during holstering and that just is not a good thing. The Bersa manual even says not to carry the handgun with one in the chamber, but this is supposed to be a concealed carry gun.... This means that you would have to have super fast reflexes to draw, rack, and fire the gun. Not sure how many of you feel about carrying with one in the chamber, but I know that I am not that fast and would rather my gun be at the ready.

Second, out of the 200 rounds (100- 115gr FMJ and 100- 124gr FMJ) that I fired I had 3 malfunctions. First was a double feed, easy enough to fix on the fly but it is still a malfunction. Second malfunction was a failure to load, I felt the slide go through it's full motion but it failed to pick up the next round on the way back. I also had a few issues with the slide not locking back once the magazine was empty, I know this has happened on a few of my other guns when I have run a ton of rounds through them without cleaning them, but this is a new gun that I gave a deep cleaning to before I took it out for the first time. The third malfunction was a stovepipe when firing the 124gr rounds, again this is a quick and easy fix on the fly if you train for it. These issues were not caused by a limp wrist or holding the gun too tight, they were just issues with the firearm.

While the firearm itself is very well made I will not be keeping it in my collection, being that it is supposed to be a "Concealed Carry" gun that you are not supposed to carry with one in the chamber, I feel that it fails to fit the niche that it is looking to fill. So for now my search continues for a sub compact concealed carry pistol that I feel comfortable with.

Maybe I will look into the XDS at some point, it has caught my eye a few times when I have seen it in the shop.

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