Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waffen Werks AK-74: My Thoughts So Far

Recently I was able to get my hands on a Waffen Werks AK-74 from Classic Firearms, for a very reasonable price when compared to all of the craze pricing we have been seeing. For $799 plus the cost of shipping I received the AK-74, 4 Tapco Mags, and a Bulldog Rifle Case.

The video below was my pre range review and thoughts on the rifle, make sure to check it out.

Yesterday I was able to finally run it out to the range and put some rounds through it, I currently have 6 magazines for it and all of them were full when we headed out, when we headed home they had all been emptied.

Even though my main goal yesterday was to get out and test the rifle I also wanted to check and see just how far off the sights were, the accuracy of the rifle will be tested on the next trip out when I remember to take the proper tools to do so.

After running the rifle for 180 rounds yesterday there was one hiccup that it had, which I am hoping I can just chalk up to being a new rifle and needing some break in time. The main issue that it had was stripping the next round from the magazine and loading it into the chamber, this happened at least 4 times on 3 of the six mags. Normally I would blame the Tapco mags for the issue but it also happened with the Bulgy surplus magazines that I have, so I am not 100% sure what the issue may be at this point other than maybe the bullet guide needs a little more time to be broken in.

The loading was the only issue that I had run into with the rifle as far as function goes.

As far as the sighting goes I will have to take a little time this upcoming weekend to get it sighted in, where it sits as of right now it is shooting extremely low right which will be an easy fix.

So far I am happy with the rifle, even though it is having an issue with loading the next round sometimes the rifle is backed by a 1 year warranty from Waffen Werks, which I have heard they are extremely good at honoring and making sure that any issues are fixed and the customer is happy. I will put another 200 rounds through this weekend and see if it's just in need of a good break in or if there are still issues at which point it will be headed back to WW.

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