Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geaux Hard Holsters Gering

My Initial thoughts on this holster have mostly followed through after carrying this on an off for a month. The design is simple yet very effective. Let's dive into details. 
Some of you might be familiar with the Raven concealment vanguard 2. This Holster system runs off basically the same principles but it expands on them. 
Both of these holsters cover up the trigger guard and leave the top of the gun exposed inside of your waistband. Both also allow you to tuck a shirt and while you're carrying due to the way that the struts on both of them are configured. 
Because of the way that this Holster sits inside the waistband you do not have to unfasten it and take it out to reholster like to do the Raven concealment vanguard 2; due to the fact that it is Kydex instead of injection molded plastic it has a much more positive click in much better retention. 

One design flaw that I have found, GHH is fixing before production, and it is the Kydex it covers up a portion of the magazine release on the Glock pistols and possibly the Smith & Wesson's also. Having full access to the mag release will allow you to clear the gun without removing the holster. 

One more flaw that I had noticed and it might just be the with the way the clips are designed but the belt loop seems to open up a little bit whenever it is flattened. It could use possibly another rubber spacer. 
When I was training with a friend, I drew and it lifted just enough to snag the Velcro part of my 5.11 nylon belt and the entire holster came out. Again, it could be a flaw with the clip.

Overall I am very pleased with the Geaux Hard Gering. It is extremely slim line and easy to conceal, even under tighter fitting clothes with the Glock 19. The biggest issue was with the clip failing at the range but I simply put my belt on the opposite direction and have had no issues since. It is very comfortable and easy to take on and off in a hurry, yet, stays in place inside of the waist band. 

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