Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Question for Our Readers

So recently we asked on the Facebook page what you guys and gals would like to see more of from us, be it gear, guns, specs, or reviews. One of the most common responses we received was that you would like to see more comparison posts of things like triggers, muzzle breaks, AR parts, etc. 

Being that we are just starting out our connections are still somewhat nonexistent within the industry, which in turn leads to us having to borrow or buy most of the stuff we have reviewed. Granted we have made a few connections with some great companies who have been more than gracious when working with us, but there are so many items out there that we receive questions on that we just cannot get our hands on currently due to funding.

So the question I am going to put forward here is this.

If we were to run a crowd funding campaign to help raise funds for us to purchase parts for T&E, and also to help fund a few of the items we need for video and editing, would you all be willing to help us meet a goal once we set it?

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