Friday, March 28, 2014

Lionheart Industries LH9C Expanded Initial Thoughts

So yesterday I posted a video with my initial thoughts on the Lionheart Industries LH9C and I figured that I would expand a little more with this post.

Fit and Finish

The LH9C is a very well made pistol, when you get one in your hands you can see how good the quality of the workmanship is. The slide moves easily on the frame with minimal play, and I can actually grip it with one hand and rack the slide back (not that I would ever really need to do that). There aren't any rough or sharp edges on the gun, and the Cerakote finish gives it an extremely clean look and very durable finish.

The serrations are deep and plentiful on the gun making it easy to rack the slide even when covered with dirt or your hands are slick. The serrations on the backstrap of the gun do offer a nice amount of grip to keep the gun from moving side to side, while remaining comfortable and not digging into your hand.

The grips are beastly, the diamond pattern is deep and gives a very positive hold to your hands. They aren't rubber like they would appear in pictures, but a more solid polymer/plastic which makes them a little less comfortable.

Ergonomics and Shooting

The ergonomics of the LH9C are pretty good, it does fit well in my hands and it is very easy to "point" without having to make adjustments. While the safety isn't really needed because of the DA+ feature it is easy to manipulate, even though it is opposite the 1911 safety direction which would take some getting used to.

One thing that I did notice was the trigger guard rubs my finger which would cause it to rub that finger raw during a class. This was actually an issue I ran into with my Glock 19 also, but I was able to fix that with an undercut whereas the LH9C cannot have that modification done to it.

Having the Novak sights is a very nice feature since they are stout and would stand up to a lot of abuse, but like I said in the video I am not a big fan of the fact that they ramp up and there isn't a way to use the rear sight to rack the slide if you need to.

Using the DA+ trigger is very different and takes some getting used to. One thing that I will say that I like about the DA+ is the fact that it's not a "de-cocker" like most other hammer fired guns, instead it makes getting into SA from DA easy. The problem I have is that it can throw you off target a bit when the hammer does drop back into SA mode. I am sure this is something you can train and adjust to if this gun would be a primary carry, but for me this is something I am just not a fan of.

The single action pull is actually one of the better ones I have felt on a stock hammer fired gun, and the reset is solid. It is very easy to get off quick successive rounds with this gun and remain on target. The double action pull is crazy heavy but I understand why, but is also the reason why if I carried this gun I would carry in the DA+ mode.

Thoughts So Far

The LH9C is an extremely well made gun, there is a lot of care put into the manufacturing of the gun itself and it does have some good upgrades on it when compared to some of the other hammer fired guns in it's price point. The fact that it comes with a soft carry case, Cerakote, novack sights, and 2 magazines is pretty cool because a lot of the other companies don't include things like that.

I am looking forward to getting a few hundred more rounds through the gun and seeing if it grows on me or not. I have been impressed by the fact that it was able to clear itself out enough to function despite being completely covered in the red Oklahoma dirt out at the range.

Like I said in the video, this isn't an ideal carry gun for me. However that is my opinion and preference and not a review of this gun.

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