Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why Hydrodipping Sucks For People Who Use There Guns

As many of you know I had my G19 slide hydrodipped in Kryptek Typhon pattern this past summer, sure it looks cool and it makes my Glock unique but honestly Hydrodipping is pointless unless you are a gun collector.

The reason that I say this is because it will scrape and flake off when you do constant holstering and unholstering. After 2 Combat Focus Shooting classes and quite a few trips to the range, you can see just how much has chipped off of my slide.

If you are one of those gun owners who worries about getting a scratch on your gun, or who cleans it after every trip to the range, then I would say hydrodipping may be a way to go for you. However if you truly use your gun, carry it daily, practice drawing it often, then hydrodip is not the way to go unless you don't mind tearing it up.

I personally don't mind the fact that my slide shows a bunch of wear, to me it shows that I have run the gun hard enough to know I can trust my life with it. All of the damage to the hydrodip just adds character and makes the gun that much more unique.

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