Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why the change to Not So Tactical?

When I announced the rebranding of "SpartanTC Reviews" to "Not So Tactical", a few people asked the reason behind the name change. I figured I can give a blanket statement here, giving my best explanation for the change in name and "direction".

When I started SpartanTC Reviews it was just me.  There were no other writers or reviewers involved with the site, so I named the review site after myself with a Spartan theme (which was sparked by the Descendants of Sparta Lowers released by 2 Vets Arms). I originally had no plan for the site to become as big or as well known as it has; matter of fact I started the blog so I could write down thoughts on different gear, parts, and firearms since I had been going through so many different ones. I have, literally, gone through more guns than I would have ever expected when we were living in California.

As the site grew, and the Facebook page began to gain steam and likes, along with companies recognizing the work that I was doing with written reviews, it became a lot to handle by myself so I asked my long time friend Phil to help out with getting posts up and moderating the page. He, of course, jumped at the opportunity, and then I brought on Lane and Sayra.  SpartanTC Reviews quickly became a group of reviewers and there was no real explanation for what the TC could stand for other than Test Crew or something else. We do not do testing so test crew wouldn't work, and there weren't many other options.

Another issue was I wanted to open up a store section and I wanted a name that was a bit more catchy than SpartanTC (that and the fact that the domain name was "reserved" and unavailable,) plus had an easy website to remember, that was when the idea of naming it "Not So Tactical" came to me.

Now the reason why "Not So Tactical" is fitting for this group of gun enthusiasts/reviewers: because we never wear full kit, or use tactical jargon, or say it's "our way or the highway" when it comes to our reviews. Rather, we offer up advice and opinions from what we have learned, and we constantly bounce ideas and information off of one another so we can all further our understanding. We also talk with many other reviewers, trainers, and experts so we can enhance our knowledge, but we know that we are not the end all be all of information. If we don't know an answer we can point you in the right direction or we can research and help answer it.

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