Friday, February 21, 2014

Initial Thoughts: Bobster Alpha Goggles and Prowler Deluxe Glasses

(Alpha Goggles)

Recently I began looking into playing airsoft with a few of the guys that I work with and realized that I was going to need a good set of goggles to protect my eyes better than the normal safety glasses I would wear to the range. I remembered seeing the Bobster Alpha goggles during SHOT Show and the fact that their pricing is among a normal persons budget intrigued me. 

So I hit up their site and started checking out the different types of safety goggles and glasses they had available. There were 2 pairs that I found that should work great with the metal mesh masks that I will be using during game play (don't need to lose a tooth to a bb haha). The first pair are the Bobster Alpha goggles, and the second pair are the Prowler Deluxe. Both pairs provide awesome coverage of the eyes while both being ballistically rated, and come with both clear and tinted lenses.

(Prowler Deluxe)

The clarity of the lenses, and the total viewing area on both pair of the glasses is very impressive. The Alpha goggles give an almost completely unobstructed view compared to some of the other goggles I have tried on. The Prowler's also have a great viewing area and are a bit more comfortable to wear since they do not sit on your face like goggles do.

Both pairs are comfortable, however neither pair are something I would wear outside of the airsoft play area. However one of the guys that I work with has deployed with his Infantry unit and when he tried on the Alphas he said he would take them over the ones he was issued any day.

I am really looking forward to using both sets over the next few months and seeing how well they perform. I know a few of the guys have had issues with their goggles fogging up during games, especially since gameplay is all indoors. 

Specs from Bobster

  • Alpha Goggles:
  • Frame Color : Black
  • Frame Convertible : No
  • Frame Finish : Matte
  • Frame RX Ready : Yes
  • Frame Temples : N/A
  • Warranty : Lifetime against Manufacturing Defects
  • Lenses Interchangeable : Yes
  • Frame Foam Type : Anti-microbial foam
  • Frame Material : Soft Rubber
  • Lens Coatings : Anti-fog, 100% UV Protection
  • Lens Color : 2 Sets: Anti-fog smoked & anti-fog clear
  • Lens Material : 2.5mm Polycarbonate
  • Lens Upgrades : Coming soon
  • Other included Accessories : 2 Sets of Lenses (Anti-fog Smoked & Anti-fog Clear), Fire Retardant Anti-reflective Sleeve, Microfiber Pouch, MOLLE Carry Case
  • Rx Limitation : +/- 10
  • Special Features : Fits well under ballistic helmets, Fire retardant strap and anti-reflective sleeve
  • Standards Met : ANSI Z87.1-2003 +, MCEPS/ Military Ballistics Impact Standards, CE EN166
  • Storage : MOLLE Carry Case
      Prowler Deluxe:


Pursue superiority with this ANSI Z87.1-2003+ eyewear made of black, military grade nylon frame. The Prowler® offers maximum versatility with removable temples and goggle strap for quick conversion and side shields add strength against flying debris. The Prowler® eyewear system includes an anti-fog smoked lens which exceeds the impact requirements of the stringent military ballistics test, MIL-PRF-31013. The open cell foam absorbs perspiration while a microfiber carry pouch is included.

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