Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Boker Coye Ridgeback

Recently I had the opportunity to pick up a Boker Ridgeback which is a Bill Coye design, this was a blade that has been on my short list for the past year but every time it would be in stock on one of the blade sites it sold out before I could get one. This time received a shipment in and I was fortunate enough to place an order before the dreaded sold out took the spot of "add to cart".

While this blade isn't a Coye custom it is still true to the Ridgback design and feels just as good in your hand as the real thing. The handle is very well made and while I have heard some people say they would prefer an extra 1/4" to 1/2" in handle length, I personally like the way it sits in my hand and also how well it conceals when in its sheath along my belt line. 

When you open the box from Boker you will find the blade, a Kydex sheath, and a belt "mount" for the sheath. The first thing I suggest to do is get a different Kydex sheath for it, or at the very least add soft loops to it instead of using the mount it comes with. 

The weight and the feel of the blade is awesome, it is very stout for its size while remaining just the right size for utility use and being used as a self defense weapon concealed on you. The G-10 scaled handle is smooth yet offers an awesome amount of gripyness that it won't easily slip out of your hand if it's sweaty. 

The blade is sharp, but it's factory sharp not custom sharp. Which is fine for everyday use but I personally like to have my blades as sharp as possible because they will continue cutting for a longer period before they wear down.

Overall my initial impression after carrying and using this blade for the past week is very positive, it is one that I will continue to keep as my EDC blade and I am looking forward to getting a lot more time with it and putting it to good use.

If you have the opportunity to pick one up when it is in stock I highly suggest you do so, you will not regret it. 

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