Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ammo Shortage and Range Time

I am sure that many of you have felt the pain of walking into your local sporting goods shop in search of a couple boxes of ammo, only to find the shelves barren and more than likely littered with cobwebs. I know for myself it has been months, probably since January since I have seen ammo other than 7mm, 30-06, and 12ga on the shelves at our local Walmart. Even worse is walking into the local gun shop (who is already overpriced) and seeing boxes of .22LR for $20 for a box of 50, or .223 for $25 per box of 20.

It seems that you really have to be willing to pay the ridiculous prices to be able to head out to the range and shoot or you have to really limit the use of the ammo that you currently have when you head out to the range. I know for myself personally it hurts every time I have to go and dig into my ammo boxes and take some out of my "stash", yet at the same time I am glad that I got into reloading when I did and had purchased as many supplies as I could to at least hold me over until this "shortage" is over.

So the question is how can you stay "proficient" with your Carry or Home Defense guns during this time where it seems that it is nearly impossible to find ammo?

In doing some research I have found a few good training ideas and have linked them below.

"5 and 50" Drill (courtesy USA Carry)

Stretching your training ammo budget (courtesy of the gun writer)

Improving your shooting skills without spending a fortune on ammo (courtesy Survival Blog)

These are just a few sites that I had found, each had some great information for how to conserve ammo while staying proficient with your firearm. I am sure that at some point in the future we will be seeing ammo slowly creep back onto the shelves of Walmart and local sporting goods shops, but for now sacrifices have to be made while continuing to train.

What are some of the drills that you guys and gals use to stay proficient while limiting the amount of ammo that you are using in your training time at the range?

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