Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Not Over Yet

Today was a spectacular day for the Second Amendment with the defeat of the Universal Background Check bill and the Assault Weapons Ban, however we are a long ways from this fight being over. For those of you who watched the press conference that Obama held you know that the Anti-Gunners only see this as "the first round", in their minds this battle is not over and we need to make sure to keep the same mentality. We must stay vigilant and aware, now is not the time to become complacent and become caught off guard.

I am sure over the next few months we will see more bills being written trying to dismantle our second amendment rights, most will be the same as we have already seen just reworded and with added "sweeteners" to mask what the bills actually are. We need to make sure to keep the pressure on our legislators and make sure that they understand that their elections are on the line and voting to restrict our rights is means for them to lose their positions.

If you aren't registered to vote make sure that you get your registration in and make your voices heard. Don't buy into the lies that your votes do not count, your vote is your voice and right now we need to continue to make our voices heard.

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