Saturday, April 6, 2013

GallantFew Inc

So I know that many of you have seen the flyer that I have put up from GallantFew that explains what they are all about, however I haven't written anything about them myself because I was really unsure of what I wanted to put down into words.

I personally was made aware of GallantFew when 2 Vets Arms passed the idea around of making a Spartan Helmet lower that would benefit Descendants of Sparta which is an awesome program aimed to help prevent Veteran Suicide, which has been on the rise since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I personally have known a few veterans who had contemplated suicide while in and some after they had separated, many of them have a great support system or other veterans to come beside them and help. However there are others who don't, DOS is working to change that and help turn the tide of veteran suicide.

GallantFew also has other programs that are in place, and one of the most important that I have seen is the Mentor Program. One on One mentoring by a veteran who has been out awhile and takes a new veteran to help them transition back into civilian life. I know for myself when I left the Air Force and we moved back to California I had a hard time adjusting to not having a job or being the bread winner in the family. Honestly I became very lazy and spent all day in the apartment looking for jobs that just weren't there, and that was back in 2004 before the job market had taken a header. I wish now that I had another veteran to come up along side and help out the way that GallantFew is doing. I had friends and family around but they didn't understand the way that other veterans do.

The above programs are only part of what GallantFew does but they are the ones that I think speak volumes as to what GallantFew is doing for the Veteran Community. This is why I had contacted Karl Monger about using the logo on my shirt to help raise funds to help further the cause, and after a few email conversations with him I can tell you all that he is a stand up guy who genuinely cares for other veterans , and wants to do everything he can to help them out.

Please if you would like to help raise more funds for GallantFew you can purchase one of the SpartanTC81 "GallantFew" T-shirts. $5 from each shirt sale will be going directly to GallantFew and helping further the funding of the program.

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