Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fealty Arms 80% Lowers

Not sure how many of you have thought about doing your AR-15 from an 80% lower, I know for myself this is an idea that I have tossed around for a bit but haven't really acted on it. There are a few reasons for that, first getting all of the items that I would need to do it were out of reach due to funding and what not, and second at the time that I had thought about there were plenty of lowers available for under $145 (including shipping and transfer fees). However now that we are seeing a drought on parts and lowers that are in the affordable range it is looking like it might be a good time to make one from an 80% lower.

Most of the 80% lowers I have been seeing have been in the price range over $150, which I understand because there is no need to send it to an FFL because it hasn't been finished so there is no need to do transfer paperwork. Yes this is 100% legal because as determined by the firearms technology branch of the ATF, this lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” as defined by the GCA of 1968.

Yes it requires some finishing to make the lower ready to build into a complete lower, but the time spent really learning the basics of what it takes to build your AR from the ground up are extremely valuable, plus you get the pride and satisfaction knowing that you took that lower from 80% to a full rifle.

Right now the folks at Fealty Arms are trying to raise enough money to fund building their company, in doing so for every $65 that you donate you will receive one 80% lower once their company is all set up. 

If we can get 400 lowers ordered by all of you who follow this page they will donate a full AR-15 to review and then Giveaway. If this happens I will do a giveaway for the rifle, and I will pick from the names of those who donated to help them get started. 

If you do donate and help them out please make sure to either email them and let them know SpartanTC81 Reviews sent you, or make a notation of it in the donation form. 

Fealty Arms Donation Page

Here are the breakdowns for each level of donation

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