Saturday, April 6, 2013

FIREClean vs .22LR Conversion Kit

A little while back I started using FIREClean, and from the little bit that I had used it I was impressed and it got me looking around for the dirtiest piece of firearms parts I had. I came across my CMMG .22LR Stainless Conversion Kit, which I had already run around 1,500+ rounds of bulk Federal ammo through.

Sure in these first few pictures it doesn't look to terribly dirty but the outside of the conversion kits rarely do.

I quickly got to work tearing it down to make it easier to get a really good cleaning done on it, and as I pulled the firing I realized just how dirty and caked on all of the "bulk" grime actually was. It took a couple good thumps on the table to actually dislodge the pin and when I finally got it all the way out I realized why.

I gave the pin a quick wipe down with a cloth and some FIREClean and was impressed that I didn't need to do anything more than that to get it cleaned off.

Next I got down to the really dirty parts of the conversion kit, and with the way that they were caked with grime I was pretty sure it would take some real work to get it all cleaned off.

Even though I had figured that the carbon build up was going to take some time to clean off I was thoroughly impressed with just how quickly the carbon wiped off with just a small amount of FIREClean on a cleaning patch. Almost every section that was caked with carbon wiped off instantly, however there were a few stubborn spots that required a little bit to be dabbed on and let sit, even then it still didn't stand much of a chance.

The pictures below speak for themselves as to how well FIREClean works, and I can tell you that it took very minimal effort overall to clean this conversion kit and lube it up for more trips out to the range.

It took me about 30 minutes during my lunch break at work to clean the conversion kit thanks to FIREClean, and I am now officially sold on it. Make sure to check out their website and Facebook page, and pick up a bottle to try out you will be glad that you did.


  1. Great review. For a while, I've been a Frog Lube user and highly recommend it to colleagues and students. I was recently told about Fireclean and was hoping that you or some of your other followers had experience/exposure to both and would mind sharing their impressions of each as compared to the other.

  2. You should really try RAND CLP. RAND CLP is infused with a unique combination of nano-particles. These particles are so super small, they work their way into the asperities of the metal creating a super slick surface. The nano-particles adhere and form a permanent teancious bond, thus outlasting silicon and PTFE based products.

  3. to the poster of RAND CLP, FireClean does the same thing only without any nasty smell or dizziness from heavy chemicals. To the reviewer, if you appy a couple drops over the BCG and let set for a few then cleaning is even easier then apply 1 to 2 drops in thin layers over all the parts of the BCG, chamber, barrel nuts, etc and let set then it becomes a wipe and go procedure after that for cleaning

  4. FYI, Rand CLP has no smell or heavy chemicals either. And in contrast to both Fireclean and Froglube, it is compatible with any of the other lubes you use with your firearms should you be so inclined to use it with other lubes.

  5. To the Rand guy- if Rand is so great, why don't they publish before/after pictures?