Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quick Look: Strike Industries Mega Fins Hand Guard

Today I received a couple items in the mail, the biggest surprise was that the Strike Industries Mega Fins Hand Guard showed up today (honestly was expecting it to show up next week). So of course I eagerly opened it up to check it out, and wanted to share this quick look with all of you.

The packaging is in the usual Strike Industries style, plain and simple but housing something new for your gun.

The Mega Fins Hand Guard uses KeyMod rail sections, and even gives you the option to mount them at a 45* angle without having to buy a specialty mount which is a nice bonus.

Inside the box you will find the barrel nut, wrench, washers, mounting hardware, handguard, and instructions. Looking through the instructions they seemed easy and straight forward for anyone who is a DIYer (I've done a few handguard changes and these instructions are spot on).

The rail is very well machined, and I couldn't find any blemishes while looking it over. It seems really solid, but time will really tell. 

If you're wondering what the Mega Fins is all about, when you look down the inside you will see the fins that act as heat syncs. Not sure how much of a difference they will make but I am looking forward to testing it out.

Stay tuned for the range reports and reviews.

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