Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quick Look: McNally Glock Trigger

Recently I had posted up on the Facebook page that we will be carrying the McNally Triggers soon. I wanted to get my hands on one before we committed to carrying them.

Today I received the McNally Trigger for my Glock 19 right before heading to work, so I dropped it in just to check it out.

(Top: Glock Trigger Bottom: McNally Trigger)

As soon as it was installed and I dry fired a few times I was very impressed with it. All of the typical Glock grittiness that you get with the stock trigger is absent with the McNally. It also does not have that "stop" or "cliff" that you get with the stock trigger. 

The trigger face is flat which makes it feel wider than the stock trigger is and feels like it will be comfortable for long range sessions.

Another cool thing about the McNally trigger is that it gives you the ability to adjust forward and rearward movement of the trigger. I plan on playing around with that and seeing just how much difference you can make with the adjustments (even though there really doesn't feel like there will be much if any adjustment needed), and will make sure to include my thoughts in the final review.

Another very cool feature about the McNally trigger is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which stays with the trigger even if you sell the gun to someone else. 

These are my impressions so far and I look forward to getting some range time with this trigger. Make sure to check back for the full review in the near future.


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