Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quick Look: Strike Industries SHOX iPhone 5 Cases

Along with the Mega Fins Hand Guard that we received on Saturday we also received 2 of the Strike Industries SHOX cases for the iPhone 5. If you haven't seen these cases yet they might look a bit odd to you.

The unique thing about them is that there are "shocks" on each corner of the case, they are made out of some pretty stout little springs that cause your phone to bounce if dropped. One of the other features is the "loop" at the top, it looks strange but after using this case for the past day I have come to appreciate it. The loop works great if you have a tendency to carry a lot in your pockets and sometimes have to dig for your phone, once you have a finger on the loop you can pull your phone right out.

There are a few other cool features like the different covers for the ports, and the fact that the section down near the speaker is designed to direct the sound towards you. We will be doing some extensive use and abuse with these and updating as we have more time with them, so make sure to check back for more reviews.