Saturday, September 7, 2013

Strike Industries Mega Fins Handguard

Today we installed the Strike Industries Mega Fins Handguard onto Lane's M&P15. Out of all the Handguards I have installed and removed over the past year and a half, this was one of the easy ones, however it still required some tricks to get it completely installed. 

The barrel nut installation is straight forward but it does require some "light" adjustments to get the holes lined up for installing the Handguard onto it. So make sure you start in the lower end of the torque settings to leave room for adjustment. 

The other part that required some thinking was installing the gas block, since the Mega Fins has "fins" that act as heat syncs you have to install the gas block after the Handguard has already been installed. Not hard to do, but with a 15" Handguard it does lead to coming up with a way to reach far enough in to hammer the block back and into its place.

We will be doing some shooting with it today at the range and I am sure Lane will be posting up some of his initial thoughts later tonight or tomorrow. 

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