Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thoughts on the R.I.P. Updated Version

There are updated sections to this post, I pulled the original to rewrite a few items and discuss the round with a few others who I respect in the community.

So yesterday I log into Facebook and I see this new snake oil round called the R.I.P. (seriously?) and then I log into Instagram and it is all over the place there too, and I just keep shaking my head and saying that the round is a really bad idea. I even went as far as to watch the videos and check out the website to see what the craze was all about. While I hold my opinion as to how the round will work, or wether it will be efficient or not I do have very mixed feelings about it.

While the round may have awesome penetration and act like a hole saw, it will also draw the attention of an overzealous prosecutor who will use it against you. Let that sink in for a second. In the event that you ever had to use this round in self defense there is always the chance that you can be taken to trial, and in that trial a prosecutor is going to use everything in their power to make you look like you are a killer, who for all intents and purposes was set out to kill. Never mind the fact that those of us who carry do so for self defense and the only time we would use our guns would be in a life or death situation, the prosecutor wants to win. 

Also with the marketing of "the last round you will ever need" and calling the round the "Radically Invasive Penetration" round are just over the top. Marketing is marketing, but as I have said many times before, you can market the crap out of something and if it is a poor performer it was all for not. There have been plenty of things I have bought because they don't do marketing gimmicks, instead they have proven results. This is my opinion, and while some will disagree I hold to this.


While there are no previous cases that show a person involved in a self defense shoot being charged because of the bullet that they used, Tim from Military Arms Channel made a very good point when he posted "the manufacturers have marketed it in such a way that I believe it presents a potential legal liability in civil court should I ever be involved in a self defense shooting." He is referring to the fact that the injured or deceased attacker's family could possibly take you to court.

Some of the other things that I have noticed as I have watched the video a few more times are that there is no proof that the rounds they are reliably firing off in the full auto guns are the R.I.P. they never show you the magazine filled with the round, and one of the other issues is that the ballistics gel they are using in the video doesn't seem to be the same density as many of the other ballistic gel videos I have seen (however this is just an observation).

There are just too many questions, on top of what I feel is an extremely gimmicky release video. Will I get my hands on some to try out on ballistics gel? Of course. Will I ever carry it? Nope, no way, I just see too many problems with it legally in the event I ever have to use it. 

For now I will try and keep my bias set aside on this round, I do want to get my hands on a couple boxes just to take it out and use it in ballistics gel to see just how well it holds up to their claims. I also want to see if it truly does function flawlessly in different guns as has been claimed. 

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  1. Another problem I see with it, is if it penetrates like it says it does then you have to worry about the people in the background, whom you are responsible for as well.