Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post Range Thoughts: Lucid L5 Riflescope

This post has taken a little longer than we had originally planned, however it has given us time to run quite a few rounds down range using this scope and we figured it was time to post up our thoughts on this scope. 

From the Lucid website:
The L5 Rifle scope offers precise and repeatable 1/8MOA windage and elevation adjustments on lockable and re-zeroable turret tactical style turrets. The side parallax adjustment combined with the ocular diopter adjustment provides a crisp target image over the entire magnification range. The L5 Reticle is a precise MOA measuring devise with 2MOA increments below the rifle's zero and meaningful windage values built in this rifle scope. This optical package simply makes longer shots possible.

One of the first things we noticed about the scope was how clear the glass is in it, there are no noticeable defects. With the scope being as clear as it is the amount of light that is transmitted through it is great, even when it is overcast. Because there is so much light transmission it makes the reticle stand out really well.

The L5 Reticle is different from other reticles I have used before, typically I have used BDC, Fine Crosshair, and Duplex Crosshair. So when Lane and I first looked through the scope it was a bit different and did take some getting used to.

When the scope is zoomed all the way to 24x there is a bit of distortion along the edges but it is not enough to create any real issues with using it. The transition from 6-24x is very smooth even when adjusting while looking through the scope. 

The adjustment of the scope is extremely simple, and the 1/8" MOA adjustments are great for fine tuning exactly where your reticle sits. Having the breakdown of the L5 Reticle from the picture above makes it great for figuring out which part of the reticle to sit on your target at multiple distances. 

Overall we ran around 600 rounds through the rifle that had this scope mounted to it, and every time we took it to the range it was enjoyable to use this scope. However there were a few things that we did not like about it, and they were minor things.

The first on the list of gripes was the price point for this scope, at an MSRP of $450 I feel that there are a few other options I would go with first. However it can be found on Amazon and a few other sites during a google search for under $300, and at this price range this is a great scope that should give you years of great use.

The second gripe was the lens caps that it comes with, they are cheap and they fall off while shooting. So one of the first things to do would be to change them out for some higher quality ones.

In closing, if you are looking for a scope that has a great reticle with awesome fine tuning adjustments this is one to look into, if you can find it for the right price. 

Side Note:
There is also an iPhone and Android app that has the information for using this reticle, while we did not have the opportunity to use the application I am sure it would make using this scope even more fun to use. If anyone gets the opportunity to use the app we would love to hear feedback on it.


  1. Let me begin by saying I have been shooting long distance for 40 + years using high end and low end scopes.
    Also let me say I am NOT a scope snob. But there are scopes out there that I wont buy.
    So here's my story with the LUCID L-5.
    First scope looked like a return or a reject and had very poor clarity - "VERY POOR".
    The second scope was even worse for sharpness and the parallax adjust was non-functional.
    The third scope was the worst of the three. Blurred and the parallax maxed out at 200 yards. These scopes arent even in the same catagory as the cheapest scopes that come to mind and cost 3 times as much!
    Lucid owner Jason Wilson wrote me that he personally inspected all 3 scopes and that I was the only one having trouble with the "L-5" scope.

  2. Want to see if a scope’s guts will really hold together under recoil?
    Mount it on a spring/piston air rifle.

  3. Do have to say, a perfect one for your rifle. Liked its features.

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  5. The article is really helpful for
    those who are not able to grasp in questions of hunting, just like me. I'd like to buy some best rifle scope for my air rifle and found a couple of good reviews.

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