Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SHOT Show Initial Thoughts- Caracal CS308

As many of you have seen we posted up a picture of the new Caracal CS308 which was introduced during SHOT Show 2014 Media Day at the Range, and as I am sure those who have been following us and reading or watching our reviews will know I am not a bolt gun guy. However there have been 2 Bolt Guns that I have handled over the past year that have made me want to get one, the first being the Texas Customs Rifle .308 and now the Caracal CS308.

The Caracal CS308 uses a very interesting skeleton frame design, and the stock offers a variety of positions for the shooter to choose from which in turn makes it a very comfortable rifle to shoot. The muzzle break that is installed makes a huge difference in the amount of muzzle flip and felt recoil, you just don't want to be standing at 45* on either side of it because it creates a massive concussive force.

When I got behind the rifle I was surprised at how comfortable it felt and how smooth the bolt is. The bolt system that they use is a 3 Lug System which locks up much tighter that the standard bolt design, and at the same time creates a smoother bullet loading system. On top of all of that the bolt slides like glass with very little effort.

The 2 stage trigger was nice, but I would probably have adjusted it more to my liking if I could have. When shooting the rifle it was evident right away that it was going to be very easy to shoot with, after taking the first shot and having very little recoil and muzzle rise all I could do was smile a little bit.

Looking forward to seeing this rifle when it releases on the market, and also looking forward to seeing how well it holds up given the prior issues Caracal has had with their pistols.

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