Monday, January 20, 2014

Diamondhead Booth SHOT Show 2014

Before I left for SHOT there had been a few suggestions (both from the page and some friends) to check out the Diamondhead booth. Everyone wanted information on the new D-45 offset sights, and a few people asked about the new polymer sights that are being offered.

I had just happened to see the Diamondhead D-45 sights on one of the Adams Arms AR-15's while at their booth and I was intrigued by them, and I made sure that we stopped at Diamonhead after that.

The D-45 sights are a very unique build compared to some of the other offset sights I have owned before. Instead of being a solid mount, they are spring loaded and can handle being bumped because they will just move back and then go right back into position. I would really like to pick up a set to use on my rifle once I swap it over to a magnified scope.

(When stowed the sights sit as low as any other folding sight)

The other sights that I was interested in were the polymer sights that they are offering. Unlike some of the other polymer flip up sights I have seen on the market these are built solid and have one ver cool feature on them. You can "charge" the sights up with your flashlight which then gives you a very bright set of night sights, I was surprised at just how bright they were when the booth rep showed me.

Wether we are able to work a deal with getting a set of each sent to us for review or we have to pick some up to review, there will be something up about them at some point this year.

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