Monday, January 27, 2014

Pre Range Thoughts: Glock 42

As many of you know I was like many others when Glock announced they would be releasing a new sub compact handgun, there had been hopes that they would release it in 9mm at first and then over time add .40 and .45 to the mix. Instead Glock released the 42 in .380ACP, and at first everyone was against the idea that it should be released in this caliber. I didn't totally agree with the fact that it was going to be a .380ACP, partly because it is a harder round to find as of late and when I had seen it in stock it was priced higher than the 9mm.

When we headed to the Media Day at the Range during SHOT Show I was still very skeptical of the 42. I knew that it being a Glock it would function like a Glock and there should be no issue there, but there was just that question of why make it in .380? Once at the Glock booth I took a few moments to take a good look at the 41 and 42, they both looked good but I was still on the fence. I watched a few other people head up to the table to shoot them, and each time the person shooting would look a bit surprised with a few of them looking unimpressed. It seemed like for the most part everyone enjoyed both of the new Glocks.

When it was finally our turn to head up and shoot them I was looking forward to handling both of the guns. The first one I picked up to fire was the 42, and my first impression was "this thing is tiny" but it was also surprisingly comfortable in my hand for a .380ACP. There have been a few other pocket pistols that I have owned and every single one of them that was a .380 ended up being sold about 2 range trips in due to various reasons (crappy trigger, uncomfortable, too small, etc..) but the Glock 42 was different. Shooting with the 42 was completely different than what I was used to with any of the other sub compact .380ACP's but it was only for 5 rounds since that was all they gave us, and while I was very happy with the way it was only 5 rounds.....but they were enough to convince me that I wanted to pick one up for more range time with it.

So I went ahead and asked my FFL to set one aside for me so I could pick it up and run as much ammo through it as I possibly can and see just how much I really do like this new baby Glock. When I picked it up this past weekend I had forgotten just how small it is, but even though it is small it is still very easy to hold. The biggest surprise (which isn't really a surprise) was the fact that when I tossed it into the Tuff Products adjustable holster and carried it, it disappeared in concealment. It was almost impossible to tell that I was carrying it, and it was very comfortable to wear the rest of the day.

When I got it home I set it next to my 19 that I carry all the time (except at work) and did some size comparison so I could put the pictures up here. It is surprising how small the gun, while at the same time being comfortable to hold (and in my limited experience, shoot). I am looking forward to running hundreds of rounds through the gun and seeing just how Glock it actually is.

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